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12 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for 2018

WordPress Backup Plugins
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Why Need To WordPress Backup Plugins For Keep Your Data Safe

Everyone knows that fighting is better than excuse.In 2017, millions of computers have been impaired and even worst demanded ransom,took place in more than 100 countries.Therefore you also can be deceived by hackers and lose your important files, databases, theme files. WordPress backup plugins is a really strong model therefore to protect your WordPress website from facing frequent problems. it is a good idea to use backups WordPress plugin.These days many types of websites can be seen to create using WordPress. but many WordPress users do not take it  seriously, and not take the auto backup system in general.Thus this issue should remain noticed in your website management, So that your website doesn’t get impaired.

  • Unexpected server failures
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks
  • Hacking via insecure themes,vulnerable plugins, weak passwords
  • Dodgey updates
  • Data theft
  • Data loss

Even though your hosting provider provides consistent backup support. it is important to back up your site manually.Regular WordPress backup gives you harmony of mind. And if your site is ever get hacked or crashes on the site regular backup gives relief from these.

Data insecurity is the utmost shocking problem among WordPress users. So you should get prepared in advance to avoid this scenario. If not, then you have to start all the work again from the beginning.

All the best WordPress backup plugin helps to improve safety.By sending your backup files to remote locations. In this way you can easily recover your files.To defend you from various crushing situations. WordPress has more than a few free and paid backup plugins  are easy to use.

If you want to run the process automatically, there are several wonderful plugins that work flawlessly to ensure backup of your data.

The 12 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared in Details

WordPress backup plugins can be a boundless solution for you. To help you make decision, I want to give you a basic idea of some backup plugins, which can help to keep your data safe and secure.

I will talk over about the best 12 backup plugins for your WordPress site. That will help you to create, manage, backup, restore  live site and fight against any unfortunate situation of data loss.

01. WordPress Backup & Clone Master

backup &clone master wordPress backup plugins

WordPress Backup & Clone Master is another premium backup and migration plugin for WordPress.Using regular backups can keep your website safe and also you can migration if necessary. It’s even work for cloning for site transfer.You can process the entire basis by automation like your demand.

Do not worry about data loss. since this plugin came with feature like regular automatic backup, server injection, software upgrades or site changes. You can clone multiple WordPress sites despite the fact that the site is running.


If you want to clone your entire site in a different domain, then this plugin is for you.

The features of this plugin are very good for any web master.You do not need any advanced technical knowledge for this any backup and cloning master plugins.You can set up a backup process on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. you can upload backup files to Dropbox, Google Drive as well as send it to any of your favorite email accounts.

You can choose your server to save backups.It also supports other cloud storage such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and more.The most important feature of plugin is that it got ability to work in multi site networks.


  • Create full WordPress backups including database, settings, themes, plugins, and images
  • Download backup to your computer in a ZIP or TAR file
  • Schedule daily / weekly / monthly backups to be stored on your server
  • Store regular backups to remote FTP server
  • Auto upload backups to your Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Send regular backups to your email address
  • Backup to Amazon S3 address
  • Restore any backup in one click
  • Clone your whole site to a different domain
  • Clone your settings, themes, and plugins to a different WP site

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02. Backup Buddy

backup buddy wordPress backup plugins

BackupBuddy is one of the widely used and most popular premium WordPress backup plugins.The IES team has created BackupBuddy. In beginning of 2010, nearly half a million WordPress websites have been protected by BackupBuddy.

In just a few clicks, it is capable of backup your entire website from your WordPress dashboard. and it is a remarkable solution to the most site recovery for WordPress site owners.

You can recover separate file from WordPress dashboard.With this you can determine daily, weekly or monthly back-up easily.It can automatically save your backups to Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, Stash (their own cloud service) and email it to you.If you use their Stash Services, you can also make real-time backups.

The major benefit of using BackupBuddy is that it is an annual subscription based service. so there is no monthly fee.You can upgrade the plugin for one or more sites according to your strategy.You will obtain premium support forums to save your backup, and access to 1 GB cloud storage for regular updates.

The backupbody plug-in’s features that made it most acceptable in the market now are:

  • You can customize back-ups according to your desires
  • You can take a quick backup of your database
  • Or you can complete backups, restore, migrations of WordPress files, images, themes, plug-ins of your websites
  • 1 GB free storage offer after buying the plan.
  • Take Auto Backup to Amazon S3, Rack Space Cloud, Dropbox, and Stats.
  • You can use without any pressure from the annual subscription facility for 1 year.

Please note: Backup Buddy is a premium WordPress plug-in and their package is starting from $ 80.

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03. UpdraftPlus 

Updraftplus wordPress backup plugins

UpdraftPlus is a free top class WordPress backup plugins. This lets you to make a full backup of your WordPress site and save it in the cloud or download it to your computer.UpdraftPlus is one of the top class WordPress Plugin which is most commonly used with over 400,000 downloads.

This reliable backup plugin works nonstop covering from corner to corner of WordPress huge range. Updraft Plus is one of the almost reliable WordPress backup plugin services. this plugin is free and has a premium version.

You can always make your own manual backup or keep the automatic back-up system.and  in order to retain your website up to date and keep the data safe.

in other word, UpdrapPlus is a great time-saver plugin that automatically restores your backups from the WordPress control panel.You can automatically backup any files to Dropbox, Google Drive, S3, Rackspace, FTP, SFTP, email .and other cloud storage services that you use to back up your backups.

The premium version has a lot of features to keep your site safe and protected.There are quite of add-ons that provide you more functionality such as multiple backup storage destinations for plug-ins,themes and WordPress updates, as well as a better reporting tool for any site duplicator and migrator before autobackup.

Hope that this plug-ins will get you pressure free, the backup process can be automated and it will cooperate.The free version of UpdraftPlus works just sufficiently. UpdraftPlus Premium has more than a few features:

  • Back up the WP files and database from several distant destinations
  • Dedicated Support Team will be engaged for your cooperation
  • Support WP-CLI
  • Remote Storage Options
  • Database backups can be encrypted for security
  • Encrypted transport to cloud storage
  • Compatible with WordPress Network / Multicite installation.

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04.  Database Backup Amazon S3

amazone s3 wordPress backup plugins

Database Backup Amazon S3 can easily create database back-up.For safe keeping, database backups can be uploaded to the Amazon S-3 cloud.In year 2011, Amazon stopped using tape backup and launched the Amazon Sample Storage Service (S3) that is Oracle  Supported.

This highly effective business solution have several adopters worldwide, WPAdm is among them. Database Backup Amazon S3 is a new bug-free plugin.This in makes it easy to back up the database for a web page and bring back it as your suitability.

Database Backups can be uploaded to the Amazon S3 Cloud so that the database backup can be saved and stored safely.You save this plug-in locally and you can upload it to the Amazon S3 Cloud to upgrade it.




05. Backup Guard

There are countless prevalent back-up plugin in online world, among which the backup guard is a popular plugin surrounded by other backup plugin.This plug-in can have unlimited backup and restore your website and transfer your site highly effective.

This plugin has the benefit of backing up after a specific time, but when it finishes the backup it send an email file to yourself and you can download backup files as per your requisite.

This plugin will play a very effective role in safeguarding your site WordPress all the time.You can upload your back-ups to Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 and this can automatically save while managing your business.

Thousands and thousands of users rely on this popular backup guard plug-in you can use this plugin free. Currently 80,000+ Active sites are using this plugin.

There are three different characteristics of a WordPress site migration:

  • Change place of the site to a root directory from a subdirectory of the domain
  • Transfer site to a remote installation from a local installation
  • Move locations between domains or hosts

In particular, users are often faced with issues such as incorrect site url, images are not loaded, dashboard is not accessible, permalinks do not work and much more.

Backup Guard Pro will help you avoid all of these problems because its improved refactoring, such as transfer files, database, url refactoring,  data refactoring and migration engines will relief you from all the irritations.


  • Execute complete custom back-ups
  • The benefit of uploading your data from your cloud storage.
  • Mail notification when your backup success or failure
  • Use lower CPU and RAM
  • Proper tracking of progress
  • Transparent backup process further than server limitations
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06. BlogVault – Backup Plugin

Blogvault wordPress backup plugins

The first thing I want to with share you, this plugin is not free, but it’s a subscription based backup solution. BlogVault plugin is simple, secure and effective backup service for WordPress site.

BlogVault plugin is fast and to completing a process of creating your WordPress website backup using the BlogVault is straightforward.After creating an account at BlogVault, you have the option of adding the plugin yourself or automatically.

Once the plugin is added, it is immediately backed up its database for your entire website and the backup is updated on a regular basis every 24 hours.This plugin show list of other plug-ins in a page and on other page its show information on some pages, posts, tables and files Backup version.

Also its highlights the modifications date of updates.The BlogVault Dashboard is user-friendly and can easily be operated by even an average Joe.

Occasionally adding a new plug-in or changing your website’s theme, doing minor tasks like altering files, may possibly cause your site to crash or the site may be hacked and for that reason you may lose the content of your site.Hence, backing up your WordPress website is very essential for recovering lost data in case your site crash.

BlogVault wooCommerce Provide Real Time Backup for sites.It offers backup verification, restoration, migration, dedicated staging, site copy, website management with zero downtime and upload to Dropbox.


● Transfer the malware scanning and functionality.
● It offers incremental back-ups
● Automatically update changes to live websites
● This plug-in scans real-time and removes malware daily.
● Day-to-day automatic and real-time back-up
● 30 and 365 day back-up history
● Manage offsite back-up storage
● Cumulative back-ups of large websites

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07. Vaultpress

Vaultpress wordPress backup plugins

In online there is thousands of plugins for WordPress to manage and protect against various kinds of security. In order to protect the WordPress sites against various kinds of vulnerable, if you want to use backup plug-in for your website protection,without doubt VaultPress will be great  plugins.

It is a very powerful plugin that lets you to get real time backup of your content up to date and easily restore it automatically.This system keeps your site continuously to scan your site and make it safe.So, this plugin is not just a backup plugin, it plays a huge part of your site’s safety.

VaultPress is just a premium plugin that is now a part of JetPack, so if you are interested in plugin only a free backup,then you can skip this plugin.

Automattic Team and VaultPress’s developer Matt Mullenweg created this premium Plugin, which currently has more than 90,000 active installations.

It’s a popular and powerful plugin with malware, viruses, host failures, exploitation, hackers and more handling tools.It scans frequently, so you can easily identify potential threats and fix them.If malware or virus is detected, it makes it incredibly easy to fix those things,you can fix problems by one click.

The JETPack plugin protects all your post content, media files, comments, revisions, dashboard settings and do all this by including builtin integration.If your site caught damaged, you can easily restore your website by the use of backup.

Core Features:

  • regular back-up your site automatically with Limitless storage space.
  • Perky Force invasion protection and optimization monitoring facilities
  • Unlimited back-up archives for business packages
  • If you are not satisfied with this plug-in then 30-day money back guarantee
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08. BackWPup

BackWPup wordPress backup plugins

BackWPup is one of the most popular free backup plug-ins for WordPress, that help to create backup of your WordPress site and make certain that your site is protected. With over 5 million download, BackWPUp is a free WordPress backup plugIn that can back-up your entire site in places like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Rack Space Cloud, Dropbox.

Currently it got more than 600,000 active users.To setup BackWPUp there is a Step by step wizard and also it provides multi-site support.You can save backups to your server or email them to your preferred e-mail address.

It offers automatic scheduled backups such as weekly and daily.It is mainly a freemium plugin that has both free and premium versions.

It is the first backup plug-in that is easy to configure and use. And you can schedule automatic back-up time according to the frequency of your site and give you some options to save backup files.

This plug-in helps you repair the database as well as optimizing the database.This plugin possibly be the best for you, considering all aspects of your site.The BackWPUp plug-in enables you to back-up your entire website data so that you can re-recover your site after the crash.


  • There are many features in the free version of the plug-in. The premium version is super powerful and gorgeous in many formats.
  • Enables to back up entire website data so that you can re-recover your site after the crash.
  • helps to create regular or weekly automatic backups
  • Includes a database optimization, scanning and repair tools.
  • You can select to back-up your backups in .zip, .tar, tar.gz, or tar.bz2 format.

Price: free version with upgradable to premium by paying $ 69

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09. Duplicator (FREE + Premium)

Duplicator WordPress Backup Plugins

Snap Creek created duplicate WordPress backup plugins. Duplicator is a powerful back-up and migration plugin . The most downloaded WordPress backup plugins with more than 1 million active installations.Not just backups it can be used for migration work at zero downtime. And this plug-in can manage backup easily.

You do not have to install other plugins to migrate your site. it create a simple ZIP file named ‘package’ and manage both backup and migration. The package includes plugins, themes, content, databases, and WordPress files of your entire site .so that you can totally restore your site.

This plugin enables you to move or clone your WordPress data between domains or hosts.Duplicate is a popular plugin among the best back-up plugins, this plugin is free and also available in premium versions.

Plug-in got a 4.9 overall rating because it not only back up your data, but rather allows you to transfer your entire website from one location to another. It is very useful for the recovery of any accidents on your website.To manage this plugin some technical knowledge is necessary.

The free version of this plugin does not offer automatic backup and does not allow you to store your backups in places like Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox.The premium version allows you to schedule your backups and save your backups to an external service .


  • This Duplicate Plug-in is easy to set up and configure in just a couple of minutes
  • this plug-in can be easily managed WordPress Migration and WordPress Backup at zero downtime
  • Copy package to new host/domain
  • Supports WordPress multisite network back-up
  • Includes customer support with pro version
  • Prices: free along with premium version Starting at $ 39
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10. Backup & Restore Dropbox 

Backup & Restore Dropbox WordPress Backup Plugins

This is a very useful free WordPress plugin that has customization options for setting up backups according to your needs.This plugin will store your WordPress backups with database files and save them to your Dropbox account.

You can select which files and directories you bidding to exclude from backup.This plugin only works with Dropbox. That’s not a big deal for me, but some people likes Google Drive or Amazon S3  storage services.

The plugin allows you to set the date time and how many times you want to backup. you can set back-up your website within Server Directory and Dropbox. Above all, this plug-in requires a dropbox account that can cost you more if your back-up is bulky.


  • Easy setup for beginners and easy to use for a free solutions
  • Allows scheduling backups in Dropbox.
  • Completely free WordPress plug-in
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11. Super Backup&Clone

wp super backup WordPress Backup Plugins

Are you worried about backing up your WordPress files. Super Backup and Clone  migrate plugin for WordPress which is the first and leading in effect WordPress backup solution.

WP Super Backup allows you to easily sync all the files within a few minutes of the server. and once you set up a schedule. do not worry about getting backup because it all take place automatically just according to your schedule.

It allow you to save your back-up to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive , Amazon S3. This plugin has the Migration Service Feature through which you can easily migrate various backups to your current working server. There will be complete control over your website, with only one click.

Hence, I recommended you to download and install this plugin on your site, to be safe from losing data. If you run a heavy or an e-commerce site, we vouch you to use an off-site migration tool along with the VaultPress is a good alternate plug-in, because it does not slow your server, it uses external server.

Having a trustworthy backup solution can help you prevent from leave behind. and it’s the main surprise of the wp super plugins.Smart Snapshot Logs can easily track all the backups. And will always know whatever your backup current status is.

The System panel allows you to run a live check of your server settings and immediately reports any potential problems. so that you can contact them before starting back up!

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12. BackUpWordPress

Backupwordpress WordPress Backup Plugins

Human Made Limited has developed WordPress backup plugin. This plugin is currently being used on over 200,000+ sites. In reality It is a free plugin and has good customer support. Backup WordPress is a complete WordPress backup plugins that supports automatic scheduling.

This lets you create different schedules for your database and files. The only problem is that the free version does not allow  to store your WordPress backups in the cloud storage. So you can go for the paid version which let you save your backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, etc.

It a very easy to use plugin and does not require any complicated setup, configuration or settings. If you want to work with a lot more tractability then UpdraftPlus can be the sole best plugin for you.


  • Easy and convenient to use, and no setup needed.
  • Work done in less space
  • Ggot the ability to manage multiple schedules
  • Works with Shared Hosting, VPS’s and all Servers
  • Every backup file will have the option of e-mailing to you. Works with Shared Hosting, VPS’s and all Servers
  • Works on both Linux and Windows Server
  • Excellent Support for Free Users.
  • This plug-in Help to develop for Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech,Dutch, French, Basque.


Wrapping Up

You need to keep in mind that your running business dependent on safety of your website and your WordPress. so to keep that safe and sound you should pick up a comprehensive security plan.

For security planning it is necessary to select a trustworthy backup plugin. If you want to use a lot of free rich plugins, UpdraftPlus may be the best for your WordPress website.

Every WordPress user has own requirements  and preferences. it will be up to you to choose free plugins or premium plugins, the above mentioned back-up plugins. whatever  you can use any one but in my opinion blogvolt is amazing with remarkable features. And UpdraftPlus Plug-ins got dynamic interfaces for those with a lot of extortion and so on.

Hopefully, you may realize the importance of the WordPress backup from hare. Therefore without delaying any further use backup plugin. and keep your website safe before any disasters happen and stay out of worried .

Finally, please write down any comments you want to make to our support forum, and share your experience with us.

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