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5 Best WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools

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01.Yoast SEO

For on page optimization Yoast SEO plugin is popular and Best WordPress SEO Plugins designed for WordPress. Yoast SEO plugin plays dynamic role for any WordPress websites post and page optimization.This plugin let its user to use it for free, as a result more than 4.5 millions of webmaster usage this plug-in and its hold average rating of 4.7.

Yoast grow into popular because you can change page title, Metakeyword, Meta description even sitemap’s work. Yoast  plugin can be a great solution to growths your website rank and visitor.

It’s tremendously downloaded and undoubtedly a powerful plug-in. very easily it’s can deliver rank to your webpage for google search engine, yandesk search engine. Once you install Yoast SEO plugin to your WordPress, there will be an edit option appear automatically on every post and furthermore title, description and useful keyword can be change.

This plug-in is very easy to use. Also it is intelligent enough to optimize your webpage pleasantly by giving you step by step instruction. Got any flawed to your article? Yoast plug-in will provide instruction to fix it so that website can grow rank without problems.

You can work with one keyword using free version but if you want to work with more than one keyword then you have to use premium version of Yoast plugin. premium version can add multiple keyword and can optimize multiple keyword for all of your webpage.

Key benefit:

  • Meta and title tag optimization: this plugin tool let you select your desire page which you want to show your search results, for example if you desire to show your page in ‘Google’ you can regulator that. WordPress only display canonical link fact in one page.
  • Snippet preview: snippet preview allow you to see how your page or post will going to look like.
  • Page analysis: this characteristic let you check a post’s width, Meta description’s containing and its keywords within a minute.
  • XML multisite Compatibility sitemap: this plug-in create XML sitemaps automatically and let know Google and Bing it’s existing.
  • Multisite compatibility: entire XML sites setup work. Act vital role to blog-to-blog settings replicating.
  • Social integration: Yoast act vital role to Facebook open graph friendly SEO execution and social media associating or connecting.
  • breadcrumbs: This tool helps your users’ to develop easy navigation and internal linking making, also helps you with search engine.
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02. All in one SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack WordPress plug-in created by developers Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy. At present SEO plugin has downloaded 45,000,000 times on or after its release back in 2007. This is one of a very easy and popular plugin aimed at optimize your WordPress website.

This is a beginner friendly plug-in that helps to give yours website a superb looks for default installation search engine, without any settings.

All settings are in one page; this page is categorized into various subdivisions and every subdivision display specific types of settings. For instance: Home page settings, Title settings, View settings and all that. For aiding there’s icon next to every option.


Along with icon there’s short description and additional documentation link, that provides instruction how it’s works and how to work with that option, foremost this helps beginners to understand.

It’s very easy to update an entire page of a sites’ SEO title, Meta description etc. by using this plugin.

SEO Pack delivers ten different settings from alternative pages’ entire index. There’s a lot to like about all in One SEO. It has:

  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Support for custom post types
  • Canonical URL support
  • Free WooCommerce integration (most plugins make this a premium feature)
  • XML Sitemap support
  • Image XML Sitemap submitted to Google and Bing to improve your Image SEO
  • Google AMP support (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Google Analytics support
  • Support for SEO on Custom Post Types
  • Redirect attachment pages to parent post
  • Automatically notifies search engines like Google and Bing about changes to your site
  • Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
  • ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
  • Nonce Security built into All in One SEO Pack
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • Compatibility with many other plugins
  • Translated into 57 languages
  • PHP 7 100% Compatible
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03.Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Plugin will take your sites’ optimization a few steps ahead. This plugin would be exciting big stick for your website optimization aimed at search engine and especially for On-page SEO.

You possibly will find many WordPress plugin with conventional unique but Premium SEO plugin developed with amazing exceptional which you won’t find in other plugin.

Premium SEO plug-in give advantage to create optimize content, that adds extra value for upper standard standup.Premium SEO pack is a Best WordPress SEO Plugins and it will help to increase importance to all your pages SEO.

This is helpful for your webpage ratings; search engine will give well response to its search result also those social media. Therefore it would be dynamic for earnings revenue.

This plugin is minification equipment that will help your site to work more rapidly and it would be a boundless experience for your user.It’s a high value, widespread plug-in that helps improve your site’s internal link building.

This is truly important in term of SEO. It also helps to optimize your sites’ image and those images generate traffic flow in search engine.

Premium SEO pack carries social statistics, page analysis, page verify and more integral essential of SEO. If your website got any content which matches keyword that somebody is searching at that point, your website will be shown at the search result. With Premium SEO plug-in you can create (even you can sell) traffic flow also you can increase audience.

Premium SEO plugin will help you to create essential sitemap for you website; also its’ will give suggestion XML sitemap for your website’s video. To share your post automatically, this plug-in optimize you site for social media like twitter.

Title and Meta, Google analytics, 404 page, and back link builder are few highlight to mention of this plugin. its’ also function as on-page optimization for your blog and its’ will benefit you a lot when you needed it.

Using SERP rank tracker can track rank from search engine for a keyword. This is an additional advantage to have, and Premium SEO plug-in carries this feature, so you don’t have to break extra sweat for tracking keyword position.

By using mass SEO option you can optimize your every page, post of your webpage via few clicking, you can also custom select if you want. This mass SEO option is nice to addition to Premium SEO plug-in.

Module let you alternatively optimize Meta title by optimizing Meta description also automatically search your content keyword. That means you can possibly improve your SEO within a small number of second.

Integration support of Google analytics and Social statistic are another fantastic feature to have. With these you can easily see and track result of your site’s SEO. Premium SEO pack’s Google analytics presentation eases your understanding by giving you search statistic.

Truly Premium SEO pack is a great plug-in to have, it really helps to transform SEO of your WordPress website.

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04. Bavoko

WordPress SEO plugins grows into popular day by day, these plugins help to reach top at ranking at Google or any search engine. Today we’ll introduce you to a fresh and best SEO tools named Bavoko SEO plugin. this plugin starts journey with 6 functioning uniqueness.

Its offers better feature than Yoast SEO Free & Pro; All in one SEO Free & Pro thus Bavoko SEO plugin became popular to WordPress user. Currently more than 1,000 WordPress user uses Bavoko plugin for their website and website page SEO.

Every way of your search engine optimizations will be complete easily, with help of combined search, on page work power, back link and social tools. These features are very functional which can let you optimize your own page in very short time.

Because of back-end access, you can easily manage every feature like Content Optimization, search engine optimization, on page performance, back-link and social media tools. It is very easy and friendly.

By dint of downloading this intelligent Bavoko SEO tools, you can work on 2 Priority Keywords with true benefit that you can’t find in any other SEO plugin.

This SEO plugin has several unique benefits that would help you to reach your website higher rank; previously i told you about this, here a number of facts:

Content Optimization

With real-time SEO optimization guidance your page will be optimized greatly. Similarly your personal page shall appear nicely-flawless, easy and effective as much as possible in search engine.

As result of real-time SEO optimization guidance, an editor can pin every post while optimize pages’ keyword, Meta, title, media and all that. Similarly this tool helps with content creation and keyword analysis-research along with various in-page optimize at the same time.

This plug-in let Build Meta and social snippet, analyze page rank, block unwanted page, automatically other set internal link simply via few clicking.

This SEO tools works responsibly to conclude your SEO procedure successfully. By Spot focusing this WordPress plug-in improve in SEO works’ transparency, effectiveness and smoothness workflow,therefore your post develops higher ratting quickly.

Moreover using one click interface you can start optimization directly your books, Meta, social snippet and other SEO related method.

With this Bavoko SEO plug-in you would save your valuable time, well as to take your whole SEO workflow to a new layer, it will give boost by exhaust the possibilities of helping.

Search or Ranking Performance

In this option of Bavoko SEO plugin let integrate your WordPress website with Google search console and you can save 5000 keyword data sheet every other day. As a result you can research a huge data briefly, but with the pro version you can CPC access your search volume with complimentary ratings.

Bavoko has API functionality, this allows to monitor your competitor’s and also check information about various page ranking, keyword ranking, click and impression history, position, CTR, country, device and so forth. And you can all do these without breaking extra sweat.

Monitoring chart faster your work speed double. With this implements you can track your most important keyword from thousands of keyword data that sorted by search date. This dedicate vital role for test and audit a keyword progress.

On-page SEO

Bavoko is first and Best WordPress SEO Plugins that comes with crawler integration and you can even find this advantage in free version. Web crawler is a popular programing tool that gives information about your website by visiting it.

By analyzing on-page, it will give search engines optimizations every aspect’s all issue briefly and propose to make it seamless. Its provide data about technological and structural aspect about your website.This one help you by searching bug of pages, internal link creating, decent image and video searching, page guide eligible analysis.

In pro version gives allow you to create graphical chart and for search engine optimization there are Meta permalink. Redirect manager, extra site map information production and all that kind of feature offered.

Bavoko SEO tools help you creating ‘Dynamic Metas’, also your Meta title and description for your whole post via only few mouse clicks. With drag-and-drop, you can easily create description in every particular type of post and also fitting attribute using Meta title.

Also it can optimize bulk Metas title, description, URL; and this will goanna save valuable time. Bavoko SEO tools give help by track faulty pages and automatically reorder its changed URL. And also provide to change username of whole posts’ URL.

Social Site Snippets and Monitoring

Bavoko SEO plugin is amazing tools that include Social Media Snippets & Monitoring. Content optimizer, search performance, on-page SEO, back link all those work can be done using one platform. Even posting and monitoring on social site job can be done via dashboard.

Apart from snippet creation, you can analyze preview of Facebook and Twitter that is enclosed by your WordPress plug- in and help to find absent social snippet. You can also customize individual Facebook and Twitter snippet using content optimizer.

To track your Facebook page or Twitter profile’s most important metric dashboard will provide most information for Balance chart and social performance analyze and recent successful post can be monitor via API.

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05. SEOPressor

Nowadays to retain ones’ website in the topmost rank it’s like being into a battle. To become ahead into this battle we should be sided with SEO plugin that matches with Google algorithm. SEOPressor is one of the plug-in that develop to work along with Google algorithm counterpart.

It is a premium Plugins that let you control your WordPress SEO entirely in one platform. SEOPressor deliver help to optimize and improve your on-page SEO and to keep your website safe its Avoid unlikely and over optimization.

SEOPressor design and developed by Daniel Tan. This Daniel Tan is big boss of search engine optimization in the world. In the past he successfully programed Back link syndication system, rank remover, ultimate RSS joiner and press release cash growth program. In the world of online he made widespread acclaim and popularity.

After lunching back in 2010 SEOPressor became one of WordPress popular plug-in. these days it’s being used in 217K unique domain and 23 million WordPress website.

SEOPressor uses a secrete algorithm that bring any website into higher rank in Google search engine. This secrete algorithm made SEOPressor so famous and popular.

SEOPressor plugin has five main pillars:

  • On-page analysis: consult you about on-page optimization
  • SEO detective: improve your website by internal observing with effective SEO Cnetmic builder: help you to configure value of most important markup.
  • Crawler control: search engine crawler help you to decide navigation of your website
  • Link management: helps you with fix, build, and regulate your internal link structure

Using SEOPressor You can easily increase your audience and to decrees bounce rate you can create accurate link structure and regulate it. If you thinking of getting your page Optimize and reach higher rank in Google for your website or blog post, then it is would be a must have plug-in for you.

You can optimize you content better by using SEOPressor 3 way:

  • SEOPressor Score
  • Recommended optimization
  • LSI keyword consulting

LSI keyword will help you with following:

Your search engine traffic increase Optimize entirely without keyword staffing Higher value audience via search a wide keyword and to have more traffic

You want to have very gainful LSI keyword; SEOPressor will help you to get that.

There are great thing about using SEOPressor plugin, Such as

  • Word counting
  • Readability
  • Here a screenshot of how its presentation
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