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ProProfs Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Website?

proprofs Live chat plugin
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Why is it that Live Chat has become the most preferred means among customers to communicate their problems with their brand?

And, it is not an assumption, but a fact.

73% of customers prefer engaging with a brand using live chat software.

The reason why live chat has ended up attaining so much attention in the market is – Speed!

Even customers know that live chat on a website can help them get answers faster to their queries.

As for business owners, they get to enjoy benefits including:

  • More leads
  • More visibility
  • More sales
  • More loyal customers

So, if you want to add a live chat plugin to your business website, finding one in the market will be a cumbersome task and the reason being too many options. But we are here to help.

We plan to dissect one such live chat plugin and learn whether it is what you need at your WordPress business website.

ProProfs Chat Review: Understanding the Product Agenda

proprofs Live chat plugin

ProProfs Live Chat plugin for WordPress website is a SaaS-based tool that was built with an aim to help business owners provide support on time. The brand primarily focuses on helping organizations provide a delightful experience to its customers. They even emphasize on why questions need to be answered instantly.


Keeping that in mind, ProProfs Chat was not only built to offer ease to the operators who sit and make sure that the customers receive answers on time. They’ve brought ease to those customers who seek out live chat for instant help.

The tool is loaded with features that make it so special as a WordPress live chat plugin. Admins can easily keep a track of all the operators and make sure that no chat goes unanswered. It is known for its in-depth reports that help a brand know:

  • How are they performing
  • Do they need to upgrade their service
  • How are operators performing
  • Are there any delays to answer the chats
  • How busy are the operators getting every day

And the list of metrics can go on.

Now that we know what the product is all about, let’s understand what features can you get access to when using this live chat plugin on your WordPress website.

ProProfs Chat Review: Live Chat Plugin Features

As mentioned in the previous section, ProProfs Live Chat plugin is loaded with features that will help your operators and business, in general, provide a great support experience. In this section, you’ll get to see the complete feature list that will help you decide whether or not to add live chat to WordPress account.

  • Chat Greetings
  • Chat Routing
  • Canned Messages
  • Visitor Monitoring (Real-Time)
  • Co-Browsing
  • 70+ Language Support
  • Chat Icon Customization
  • Emoticons
  • File Upload and Transfer
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Chat History
  • Chat Window Label
  • CSS Customization
  • Multiple Chat Window
  • Callback support
  • Pre-Chat Survey Form
  • Post-Chat Survey Form
  • Offline Message Form
  • Announcements
  • Knowledge Base Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Help Desk Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Email Marketing Tools Integration
  • Social Media Integration

This is just the beginning. You’ll get to see more features depending upon your package of the live chat for WordPress website.

However, the company also has a forever free plan that can manage all your support needs effectively.

ProProfs Chat Review: How to Install the Plugin at Your WordPress Website

Now that we’ve covered major features of the live chat plugin for WordPress website, you must be in a good position to decide whether or not you need this plugin.

In case you’ve decided to get this WordPress live chat plugin onboard, then all you need to learn is how to install this product. You can check out the video below to learn how to add live chat plugin to WordPress website in a matter of seconds.

In case you’d also like to learn about how to sign up for the product’s subscription, then here’s another insightful video to help you answer all questions.

ProProfs Chat Review: Final Verdict

Getting a live chat plugin for your WordPress website is an essential step that your brand should make towards improving customer loyalty. And ProProfs Chat understands how crucial it is for business owners to build a support suit that tackles all customers queries hassle-free.

That’s why they make sure that operators aren’t dependent on one channel to provide delightful support experience. The plugin allows the integration of the knowledge base and help desk. It even allows you to integrate a survey maker tool to help you learn what customers are thinking about the product. In short, you get to build omnichannel support for your customers, giving them the opportunity to approach your brand no matter what medium they choose.

So, if you want to experience the benefits of omnichannel support, then it is time for you to get ProProfs Live Chat plugin for your WordPress website.

So, if you want to experience the benefits of omnichannel support, then it is time for you to get ProProfs Live Chat plugin for your WordPress website.

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