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13 Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared September 2019

WordPress Hosting Services
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Are you the one who want to start a new website or blog?

Or Already have a website and want to make it better with a new hosting?

Either if want to learn about wordpress hosting services or wordpress hosting providers?

If any of the answer is yes from you then you have a good news. The good news is this post is only for you. Web hosting is the house of a website. Perfect web hosting gives your site a perfect healthy environment for living on the internet.

There are thousands of wordpress hosting providers with many types of wordpress hosting services. Choosing the right hosting plan and provider is not an easy task at all.

If you want to ensure great performance from your website, you must have to choose the right hosting plan for your website. A good hosting plan also helps you to get a good position in Alexa Ranking.

Without talking a lot let’s jump in to our main topic. If anyone ask me what are the key features must need for a good hosting plan?

My answer is you must need ABCDEF. As always you may ask what I mean by ABCDEF?

ABCDEF means

  • Awesome Speed
  • Balanced Bandwidth
  • Customer Support
  • Decent Storage
  • Ease of Use
  • Fully Uptime

Awesome Speed

At first you must have to ensure that your wordpress hosting provider has lowest amount of loading time with lowest amount of ping. Higher speed gives you highest ranking also make your website suitable for Search engines.


Balanced Bandwidth

You arranged a big party for getting a good impression from your boss. Everyone came in time, but the boss is little bit lazy/busy.

Whatever as your house is small he was unable to join the party with you cause the house already filled with people.

Do you think that the boss still put good impression on you?

Hopefully No.

So, before you choose plan you must know how much of visitor you will get and then choose your bandwidth plan.

Ease of Use

Do you want to live in a dirty room where nothing is arranged well?

If your answer is no then you must know about the importance of Ease of use, when I use a new software with a huge complex interface that never makes me happy. Always I need a user friendly interface that makes my work easier for me.

If you are someone like me then you must have to focus on the interface of your provider before you choose your hosting plan.

Customer Support

There is none who don’t have any kind of problem, as well as your website also my face many kind of problem in future. For getting solution fast your provider must have a super-fast Customer Support.

Decent Storage

Extra things mean extra cost, most of the time a new website don’t need as much storage as an old website need. On the other hand, a new cloud storage website needs a huge amount storage than an old blog. You have to choose your storage plan according to the type of your website.

Fully Uptime

Suppose you appointed a very good employee with a minimum cost. He is good at all of the things what you need, but unfortunately he never come to the workplace when you need him.

What will you do?

In my case, I will give him a notice saying that “You are a very good person. But sorry my company don’t need someone who is busy with other boss when my company need him.

We will be happy if you come to the viva board when we appointed a new person who will do our work when you will resign.”

Make sure that your hosting provider is always ready to do work for you not for others.

My suggestion is you should choose a hosting provider who has more than 99.95% average uptime.

What Types of WordPress Hosting Services you should know?

When we go to a restaurant, basically a waiter come with a menu card with lots of dishes also various kinds of pricing. What will we do after that?

In my case I think about how much hungry I am also how much money I have and then I order what I need.

Like that, when you will visit a hosting provider website you will find many types of hosting services with various kinds of pricing.

If you are new in this field you might got confused when you see Free WordPress Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, WordPress VPS Hosting, WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting as well as many kinds of this like that.

You may also have confused when you see many wordpress hosting providers gives you hosting services for free cost and on the same time the same provider asks for a huge amount of money for Managed WordPress hosting plans.

Getting confuse is ordinary, if you want to learn about all of this things and also want to be a master for shopping wordpress hosting services then ThemeSence is always ready to help you with lots of life oriented examples.

Let’s start talking about various kinds of hosting services and also all kinds hosting comparison.

Free WordPress Hosting

If you are completely new in wordpress and your main purpose is not to make a website for billions of people rather than your main purpose is to learn and get familiar with wordpress then this will be a good choice for you.

When I was new to wordpress I also start my wordpress life with Free WordPress Hosting. You can you use this by three ways.

  • Making your pc (personal computer) to a virtual server.

If you don’t have enough internet access but you want to get familiar with wordpress then you can make your pc to a virtual server easily by using some software.

  • Using com

If you just want to start a new website or blog with some minimum amounts of features also you don’t want hassle like install update design your wordpress website and many things like that for your website, then you may go for

They will show ads on your website which I don’t like at all. You can stop ads by paying some money to them.

  • Using online hosting services who offers that free for you.

WordPress is free for all. You can easily download a file from and install it on hosting site. Using you will get whole access over your website.

When you host your website with the provider who provide wordpress hosting free for you there you may face many kinds of problems like provider ask for showing ads, they stop you from uploading little bit of big file, placings of security, also they can stop your account without giving any notice.

My suggestion is never go for free hosting when you start your website or blog seriously.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Suppose you have a big house. You have many rooms on that house. As you have many rooms you give a room for your mother, a room for your father, a room for you brother also a room for your sister. All of you are live in the same place. ­­­

Same thing happened when you use a Shared WordPress Hosting. There is one hard disk for many sites. Provider gives a little amount of space what you need.

As there is a big hard disk and you just use a little amount of storage from it so there is lot of free space on the hard disk. Provider gives other space to different people who bought their packages.

Shared Hosting is very popular because it is much cheaper but give you full access to your website.

Advantages of Shared WordPress Hosting

  • When you going to talk about the cheapest hosting service, hopefully you will get the name of this first.
  • You can easily update your hosting plan.
  • Most of the time it come with built-in cPanel, which helps you to manage your site easily.
  • You don’t need technical hassle because most of the time it’s included in hosting packages.

Disadvantages of Shared WordPress Hosting

  • Usually 50-200 sites hosted in same server. As there are lots of sites that’s why your site may loaded slower.
  • Many the server become overburdened by other sites because you already know many sites use the same server.
  • When you received so much visitor/traffic, your site will have started to run very slowly.
  • Security of your site is not so much good at all.
  • You may find some lacking when you want to customize your site fully.

If your site is new and your budget is not too much higher then you may start your wordpress life with this. My suggestion is when your sites become bigger at that time you should go for other services which I mentioned below.

WordPress VPS Hosting

When we go to a party we see there are lots of people in the same place. All of them have their food there. Though there are a lot of people for eating at the same time but they get their meal easily because there are also many waiters for serving the food. As a result, we are able to eat fast.

WordPress VPS Hosting is something like what about I’m talking. VPS hosting means Virtual Private Server. Don’t get anything from the name?

let’s clear it, hosting provider makes some equal part of their resource with a software. You have almost all kinds of access to that virtual server. You can easily install software and make the interface whatever you like.

Advantages of WordPress VPS Hosting

  • You will get root access to your server and you can edit script and make it better.
  • As there you get your own ram, rom and cpu so you don’t have to tensed when you get lots of visitor.
  • It is much powerful then shared wordpress hosting but less costly then dedicated server.
  • You don’t have to pay for those features which you don’t need.
  • Your website remains more secure then shared wordpress hosting.

Disadvantages of WordPress VPS Hosting

  • If any physical server stops working, then all of the VPSs what are on that server also stop working.
  • If you don’t have any visitor/traffic still you have to pay according to your plan.
  • User can’t add more RAM, CPU etc when they need more.
  • You have to pay more than shared hosting.
  • This is not suitable for them who have ding-dong amount of traffic.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is that where everything is dedicated only for you. You get your own RAM, Hard Disk, Possessor etc. You can do anything whatever you want with your server.

If you want, you can host only one website on the whole pc that will make your website super-fast. Unlike shared and VPS hosting everything in dedicated hosting is only for a single user.

Advantages of WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

  • You have the full access of RAM, Hard Disk, Bandwidth etc.
  • You have the full control over your security.
  • Best for SEO and other things.

Disadvantages of WordPress VPS Hosting

  • Too much expensive.
  • This is better for you if you have a large number of visitor every day.

Managed WordPress hosting

Do you know about the life of a king?

He has chefs for cooking food, solders for protecting him from danger, Advisory Council for giving advice about different critical matter.

Do you want to live wordpress life like a king?  Where you will get automatic updates of CMS (WordPress Website version), Performance and security.

Also lots of wordpress expert with knowledge of years are ready to help you about any kind of problem which you faced in your wordpress life.

If your answer is yes, then Managed WordPress hosting is a good choice for you. You will get dedicated customer support, best ease of use which will save your valuable time.

Though it’s price is higher than shared hosting but it’s valuable features worth the money.

Let’s make a summery what will you need on what condition

  1. If you are a learner go for free hosting, never go for free hosting if you want to start an online business.
  2. If you don’t have enough money, and you are ready to compromise security concern plus your performance then you can go with shared wordpress hosting.
  3. If you want to get good quality support, better performance and root access with an average cost go for VPS WordPress Hosting.
  4. If you have a popular website with lots of visitors everyday then you can start using Dedicated Server Hosting.
  5. If you are not so much technical for the reason you need dedicated support for your website where you have average amount of visitors, you can start using Managed WordPress hosting.

We have talked a lot about various kinds of wordpress hosting services I hope you get a complete overview of hosting services now it’s time to purchase your desire plan. Choosing a provider is like a fire step for anyone. There are thousands of provider available on internet.

18 Best WordPress Hosting Providers Compared 2018

We have talked a lot about various kinds of wordpress hosting services I hope you get a complete overview of hosting services now it’s time to purchase your desire plan. Choosing a provider is like a fire step for anyone. There are thousands of provider available on internet.

If you choose a bad provider that will be worst for your website. Now I am going to talk about 18 best wordpress hosting providers in 2018 also I will compare between all of them. I hope this this will be very helpful for you to choose your hosting provider.

Without wasting time let’s talk about the most popular hosting providers in 2018

01. iPage (

iPage offers you a cheap deal of only $1.99/mo starting price which is without any doubt one of the cheapest in the list being the ideal choice for low budget.  Also, the site offers you a number of good services like a unlimited web hosting, unlimited free email addresses, free ad credits worth $200 usable at Google and Bing and free security tools powered by SiteLock.

Which means free malware security with automatic malware removal, daily scanning, faster loading with their CDN and a feature called dynamic Trust Lock which helps you to mark your site safe to your visitors claimed in the official site of SiteLock. But the load time of iPage is average. iPage seems to have a good uptime and also 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked.

But iPage seems to have some cons too. The $1.99/mo. starting price is only available for long time plans (1-3 years) which means binding you with them for a long time and the load time could be better.

The site also have slightly bad reputation having hidden charges like $35 premature service cancellation charge and $15 domain charge during money back. Moreover, the renewal fee for the service is around $12.

02. Arvixe (

Arvixe is once highly rated top notch web hosting service which can support you for both small and medium business with their web hosting plan for both shared and VPS hosting.

However, if you need more, you can also choose their dedicated hosting plans. But since being owned by EIG our experience with Arvixe is well…. umm…. not so good. But its not actually right to come to any conclusions without judging something. So, lets see what the site has to offer for us.

Shared hosting:

All shared hosting plans of Arvixe comes with unlimited disk space and unmetered traffic as long as you don’t consume their space. They also offers you unlimited mail accounts and will also through you a free mail address. Their linux based shared hosting plans starts from $7/mo while windows based plans will cost you a dollar more.


Their linux based VPS plan starts from $43/mo offering you 2 IP addresses with 1.5GB RAM & 4 CPU cores with 50GB disk Space while for windows you have to pay additional $20 getting 500 mb more ram. But the thing which is good for the site is that it lets you add additional ram and disk space.

Dedicated hosting:

The company offers you a wide range of dedicating hosting plans.Out the book: Arvixe may offer you 99.9% uptime but we have received many reports about it going down for over a couple of hours and even days. Their load time is one of the lowest taking more than 5000ms to load which is of course not good for your business to grow.

Because, at the end of the day the users of your website will not see where are you hosting it but what are they getting.

So, Arvixe might offer a wide range good services but they can do better in the compulsory requirements of a web hosting service. (321 words)

03. A2 Hosting (

A2 Hosting is well known for its faster loading speed which is claimed to be up to 20x faster by the company with their turbo hosting plan. A2 Hosting supports caching which makes your browser to remember some part of the websites making it knock less to the server for data and thus making it faster to load. With A2 Hosting your average loading time always remain less than half of a second making it load almost in a blink of an eye! And its experienced for quit a long time.

But thats not all, A2 Hosting offers you, free SSL & SSD with every one of their plans allowing unlimited storage & unlimited transfer. They will also throw in free CDN & free email addresses claiming 99.9% uptime. But their uptime seems to be slightly below 99.94% industry standard although maintaining the 99.9% number when its other top rated competetors stays up for nearly 99.99%.

They also offers reseller hosting and managed or unmanaged VPS hosting service along with shared hosting supporting both Linux & Windows based sites.

The pricing of their shared hosting plan starts from $5.99/mo (currently $1.98/mo in their black friday sale) with their LITE plan allowing you to host 1 website and keep upto 5 databases while VPS Hosting stars from only $5/mo at 40% discount now.

However to enjoy the A2 site acceleration and turbo speed in shared hosting, you have to choose their TURBO plan staring from $6.27 only in their black friday sale (originally $18.99) allowing unlimited websites and databases. You will get cPanel support for every plans though.

04. WPEngine (

WPEngine is a managed hosting site which is solely intended to deliver you a quality hosting experience with the environment of WordPress. Being a managed WordPress hosting site, WPEngine ensures you to look over almost everything related to security and optimization for your website providing a good reliable uptime & loadtime.

They will gradually help you to block malicious security threat of your website reducing the probability of your website to get hacked and not to mention that they will also help you to recover your site for free in case it gets hacked. Their free CDN and SSL will help to do this with them as well as speeding up your website.

You can also discuss anything about your website with their 24/7/365 expert support team. They are also offering plenty of powerful tools and themes along with free automatic backup for your website and many more expert solutions for your site.

So, with WPEngine you can sleep well at night believing that an expert tech support is working behind your site looking over most of the necessary things for your site. But this handy features won’t come for free. You have to pay at least 35/mo for their services with their STARTUP plan allowing you to host 1 website with up to 25k visits per month with up to 50GB bandwidth and more.

Cons of the site includes their as usual high price where you can probably take the security support and hosting with a cheaper rate with many shared hosting services and signing in with security firms like SiteLock. And they also limits the number of visits per month instead of offering unlimited visits which can be bad for your pocket.

So, WP Engine might have great features but their pricing can’t likely make up for their services. Its also recommended that you to use CloudFlare with WPEngine. But, WPEngine might be an ideal choice for if you don’t need to worry about the money for business sites but may not be plausible for blogging like sites.

05. Kinsta (

At the starting I have talked a lot about managed wordpress hosting. Kinsta is one the best managed hosting provider since 2013.Kinsta is a great choice for managed hoating lovers. They use Google cloud platform for hosting sites to 17 different locations. Which gives you the highest speed for your website.

Kinsta currently have eight managed WordPress hosting plans for your website.They have starter plan starts at 30$/month with 3gb ssd hosting. Pro plan starts at 60$/month with 6 gb ssd hosting.Business plans starts at  100$/month with 10 gb ssd hosting.

As well as they have enterprise plan starts with 600$/month with 80 gb ssd hosting.All of these plans come with 30 days money back guarantee. If you pay 12 months fees at the same time you will get 2 months for free.They have free CDN for all of theirs plans. All of the hosting plans also come with daily backup.

If you want to start a new website with managed wordpress hosting then kinsta is highly recommend . They not only host your website but also give your website a perfect environment .Bluehost

06. Bluehost (

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting provider since 1996. They are the largest wordpress hosting provider brand. They are official recommended  wordpress hosting  provider.

Bluehost is a great choice for it’s great pricing and customers support. They have many kinds of hosting plans. You can choose the best plan as you need.They have basic, plus  and prime packages. Basic starts at 7.99$/month, plus starts at 10.99$/month and prime starts at 14.99$/month.

If your website is new then you can choose any of these packages. You can easily upgrade to a better package when your website become bigger.They don’t have hidden charges  . 24/7/365 customers support always ready to help you .

Their hosting price really worth value for money but their domain renewal price is little bit higher. For someone who is new in wordpress hosting bluehost is a great and highly recommend option.

07. InMotion Hosting (

InMotion Hosting is a well known hosting service provider founded in 2001. InMotion can provide you a great hosting experience offering you more than many other hosting services in many ways.

InMotion offers unlimited bandwidth and mail accounts peering up with a free domain with most of their plans. They also offers popular features you free SSD, daily backups, cPanel and at last managed security in their shared WP plans which is surely more than other hosting providers has to provide you with the same prices.

So, InMotion hosting can surely have enough potential to make up for what are you paying them.

They also secures an average loadtime and uptime. InMotions shared WP hosting plans start from only $7.26/mo allowing you to host 1 website with 40GB SSD storage and free CDN along with the offers mentioned above.

Higher budget packs will include up to 20 websites and a free dedicated IP. But, InMotion has an uptime slightly lower than its competetors and their load is good but could be better. With higher traffic the load time may get slower where other hosting providers like Bluehost ensures constant page loading speed even in the pick of traffic.

You might also need to use custom plugins to manage your backups for InMotions 10GB limitation. But, InMotion has the potential to provide you a havoc free hosting experience which they already doing for a large number of users with their years of experience.

08. HostGator (

HostGator is another cheap hosting provided in the hosting industries. But unlike most other cheap hosting services, we have found HostGator to be much more reliable. HostGators cheapest hosting plan starts from only $2.75/mo with one website and free SSL certificate with unmetered bandwidth.

HostGator will also let you set up free unlimited mail addresses, and let you access their free site builder with one click installation for popular CMS & applications like WordPress. They also guarantees 99.9% uptime.

HostGator Cloud pricing starts from $4.95/mo with 2GB memory and 2 CPU cores and Integrated caching system, unlimited bandwidth and unmetered storage, free migration, daily backup and much more.

Their caching system is claimed to be 2x faster and its highly recommended cause it can really help you to decrease your loadtime. But HostGator does have some limitations in mail storage however.

The cons of HostGator includes bad performance and slow loading speed in their cloud services although doing good at cloud and not much reputed support. But, we can assure that you won’t be dissatisfied with HostGator for most of their services.

09. GoDaddy (

GoDaddy is a very popular site for domain registration. However, as we know, it has hosting services also. Unlike other hosting services, GoDaddy will offer you less features but will also charge you average. But the question is, does GoDaddy has the potential to be an ideal hosting solution for you?

Let’s see. The cheapest hosting plan of GoDaddy starts from $7.99/mo allowing you to host a single website with unmetered bandwidth restrictions, 100GB disk space, 1 CPUs, 512mb memory & 10 x 1 GB MySQL databases with cPanel support and 1 click application installation system.

You can also add resources like RAM, CPU etc on demand. GoDaddy also has a considerable loadtime (less than half a second) and guarantees 99.9% uptime. But, you can probably get more with that money. They might offer you free domain and SSL but you have to pay them prior to the 1st year where other hosting sites offers them for free.

Even adding every mail account charges you where it is regularly offered for free. And, their support isn’t that much reputed and user review isn’t also that much knowledgeable.

So, GoDaddy might have many things for you to offer but you will not be in lack of better hosting sites than GoDaddy at the same price.

10. Namecheap (

Namecheap is commonly known as an independent company for personal domain registration cheaply. But the company also seems to offer website hosting services at a affordable price. Namecheap shared hosting plans starts from only at an affordable price starting from $2.88/mo for shared hosting plans.

The company will also give you 50 free SSL certificates which is for one year only although and will be charged for after a year passing away. They are also offering a free website builder and WordPress support and lets you to control your site with cPanel claiming 100% uptime. But, these free services and cheap price has some cons also.

Namecheap has an load time and uptime that is often recorded to exclude the industry average which can be predicted though cause no company can ensure that they will make your website awake forever. Furthermore, they may seem to be cheap at first but their starting price becomes double or more at the end of the year.

However, considered to other hosting providers namecheap can be considered as really cheap and reliable. But, they aren’t forcing their services upon you and lets you to observe them for 30 days and will return your money if you are not satisfied with them within that term.

However, if its not the price you have to consider about than it is recommended to choose other shared hosting sites for better functionality.

11. Flywheel (

Flywheel is a WordPress managed hosting service provider. Since, they have not any services rather than managed WP hosting, the company has optimized and fine tuned its servers for the usage of WordPress based sites throughly.

Being a managed hosting service provider, their services are a little costly starting for $15/mo for monthly renewals and $11.25/mo ($135/yr) if you decide to pay them anually & this pack only offers 5000 monthly visit and 5GB disk space letting you to host only one website.

In addiction, they will help you to move your site to their server for free which as we know is very intriguing to do alone and also can be costly. They also offers a free SSL certificate with every plan (and wont charge for it later) and free nightly backups enabling you to restore your website back in one click if you mess up something site terribly.

But, similar services can be purchased in other hosting sites with less money and more productivity. Than why choose Flywheel? Flywheel takes more money but it will surely not go into waste. The also takes the responsibility of security of your website and will do malware removal, protection from common brute force attacks, intelligence IP blocking and more absolutely free. They will also help you retrive your site if it gets hacked!

So, With Flywheel, you can leave the extra stress of security to them and spend more time behind the growth of your site! That really sums up for the money you pay. But, Flywheels loadtime and up time is below average and their are other sites like WPEngine to offer the similar services with better productivity in many ways.

At last, if its not the money you need to worry about, than sign up at flywheel and check it for a month to see what will you get for yourself with their 30 days money back guarantee. We hope that you will not be unsatisfied.


TSOHOST is an UK based hosting provider that offers almost every kind of hosting services for its user with exellent uptime and adorable loadtime. The cheapest startup plan for managed WordPress starts from £3.5 (with VAT) offering free domain and SSL, 15GB storage, unlimited bandwith and also a hundred 200mb mailboxes and upto 100,000 webveiws per month letting you to host upto 3 websites and cPanel support.

Moreover, the also ensures automated daily backups with every single of their plan. Even, they will take some security measures for your site with their softwear firewall which is claimed to defend against common threat for your site like brute force attacks. The company also guarantees 99.9% uptime which they are sought to ensure strictly.

However, the cons of TSOHOST includes less loadtime beyond Europe, strict terms, big renewal jumps etc. Being, UK based, loadtime measured from other parts of the world can be extended over average.

Again you can get more advanced security with lower price with many shared hosting providers out there with more facilities. However, its can’t be denied that TSOHOST can be a reliable hosting provider for your site.

13. 1&1 (www.

1&1 IONOS is another cheap shared hosting provider that offers shared hosting plans starting from only one dollar per month! Their Business plan starts form just $1/mo giving you the chance to host a single website with upto 100GB storage limit, 25 emails & 25 databases (1 GB SSD).

Well that can prove more than enough to host your first website at a very considerable cost. They will also a free wildcard SSL along with a free domain name for which however you have to start paying for after the first year.

They also offers free SiteLock security for pro and expert plans. They also seems to offer a CDN also. However, being cheap, 1&1 has many negative points also. Just after a year getting passed, 1&1 will start charging $8/mo for your domain.

Many of its users have also complained that the company has renewed their plan without giving them a notice. Charging for services which was not asked for are also some romour about the site. And not to mention that you can get more services with adding just some bucks with their $8/mo renewal fee to host your site in another well renowned host which can offer you more productivity.

At last, 1&1 IONOS might be cheap, but it may not be an ideal host for your site.

Wrapping Up

HostGator is a solid Web hosting service that is easy to utilize and offers a variety of helpful plans for customers and independent ventures. It’s our best pick for shared web hosting and for amateur website admins as a rule.

So, If you enjoyed this article ,Please share to your friends & you can also comments on our support forum, and share your experience with us.

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