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12 Best Practices for WordPress Video Player Plugin

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wordpress video player plugin for very important for increase your website visitor .Internet users are growing day by day, According to Wikipedia information, as of 2016 7.3 billion user use internet.

As the number of Internet user’s increases, so the tendency of web video watching and also popularity of YouTube.

It is very important for you to know about a topic that there was been conducted an analysis by Diode Digital.That the analysis reveal on average an internet users watches 186 to 250 videos in a month.

Yes, it is true that video sites like YouTube and Vimeo are fast and easy to access. For that in the future the number of digital video viewers will be large.

Why Most Popular youtube with Word Press

Word Press is the Grade A content management system. If your site is powered by WordPress easily embed the code from video sites for your blog post.

However, this type of simple design video play cannot be liked by your visitors. Nowadays everyone likes to watch video through smart video player.For this reason you can use smart WordPress Video Player Plugin for your website. this helps to attract users of your site.

YouTube is one of the world’s most visited websites. YouTube was launched On February 14, 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Zayed Karim.

Everybody loved watching TV when YouTube was not there. Know about the news, products of different countries. Today, everything is coming out of the shadow of science and technology.

Now, news, product offers, everything can be seen in YouTube and others web site. again it can be watch by using smartphones.

Why am I discussing about YouTube or Vimeo. Because your website is probably having writing about many types of product and visitors are reading about your product.


But then many people are turn out to be irritated to read about the product. In that case your audience can mug up about  product through watching video also improve the audience experience by that.

It is much easier to explain through video rather than writing a long post. And to show this video, it is required a smart WordPress video plugin.

Why Really Need Video Player Plugin for Word Press

You can show your self-hosted YouTube and Vimeo videos in your WordPress website by using embedded code. In some cases you will need a video player plugin to play your uploaded video file of your own server.

Our website is a way to keep your audience focused by adding video to specific video plugins. And also invite them to search for what you want to offer. Nowadays, video is a popular way for regular readers to be more interested in video content.

You can upload all the videos of your product to YouTube and vimeo. so that users of YouTube and vimeo can watch your video at any time. You can let your visitors to play and watch your YouTube video right on your website.

For that you will need a beautiful smart video player plugin.

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Best WordPress Video Player Plugin

If you are interested in smart and digital word press plugins, then do not forget to read the article.Because this plugin will be very useful and will increase fame of your website.

WordPress Video Player Plugin can easily presents posts on your page and WordPress blog with your video or video content. Even if you are new to WordPress, you need to know about these tools for future.

In this article I talked over about 20 most popular and best video player plugins for word press. This WordPress Video Player Plugin provides wide features and quick support to make viewer a pleasant setting to watch videos.

01. Vimeo wordpress Video Player Plugin with playlist 

Vimeo is a great way to add videos with wordpress video plugin. It is easy to archive videos by the association of both wordpress and vimeo video plugins. By using this plugin, it will improve the experience or knowledge of your website’s viewers. And allows you to manage the alterations by a single click where you can find more and more share rates.

This plugin will help to create a custom video gallery quickly and include  lot of customizations to fulfill your needs by creating a professional solution. There are seven great display layouts for videos where you can add unlimited videos using this plugin.

If you want to, you can show any wordpress posts or page videos by using dedicated shortcuts. A great aspect of this plugin is it can handle both Vimeo and YouTube and Google Analytics supports.

A company named lambertgroup has made this plugin.One of their biggest successes is that you can add your videos to Widgets Footer or Header or Sidebar for your usefulness. Vimeo WordPress plugin will help you to manage a Flash Video Player by using a friendly and pleasant interface.

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02. Chemeleon WordPress video Player Plugin

lite and drak wordpress video player plugin

Chameleon is a powerful WordPress video plugin.lets you use HTML5 capability and its video playback capabilities as well as to solve the flash backup problem. It is easy to use a shortcut generator and a panel where you can manage and control everything.

You can choose two easy layout skins. if you can customize it by its code then you can customize it but it is not always recommended. You can set the plugin’s width and length alongside with the video player’s size.

You can easily select a color scheme for player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, sash board, song title, playlist background, and playlist font and playlist item line separator using Prebuilt Controller Parameters.

All listed plugins basically solves the problems of Word-press based video playback. Chameleon is the best of them all.

Special note / Features

  •         Mobile devices will always switch to the device’s default video player.
  •         Not all mobile devices support video auto play (iOS-6 has, iOS-5 hasn’t).
  •         The plugin does not guarantee to work with third party plugins and I do not support third party plugin                 compatibility.
  •         Notes for iOS (restrictions imposed by Apple):
  •         Choose from two skins, both light and dark
  •         Built with 100% CSS and Icon fonts.
  •         Custom built CSS3 preloader


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03. HTML5 Video Player Plugin for WordPress

HTML5 WordPress Video Player Plugin

 If you want an online smart WordPress video player plugin and support YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos. HTML5 video player will be the ideal plugin for your website.

It will help you to watch a full-screen video for your page,Visitors can enjoy full-screen video.

HTML5 Flash playback videos like HTML5, FLV, HLS, m3u8, MP4, YouTube, Delimation, Vimei etc. will be handled very well on your post or page.

HTML5 Word Press Video Player plugin is a premium plugin. Three options to choose your player besides the playlist below, playlists on the right and you can easily access it.

it will be handled well with the help of five custom skins. All custom skins will provide a new experience for your users.

The main features of this plugin include support for multiple parameters, volume control, playlist images and more.

Note for iOS / Android (Limit limited by Apple / Google):

  • Only iOS autoplay for moments and only if the video is muted. When you set up automatic play mobiles: True, the video will automatically mute for mobile devices.
  • Auto-play option is only available for self-hosted videos. This option is not yet available for YouTube and VOMO mobile devices.
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04. WordPress Responsive Youtube Playlist Video Player

Responsive WordPress Video Player Plugin

A significant number of users view content of your website or blog are on mobile device, so it is important to adjust your video to optimize for mobile devices. These ensure feedback responsibly.

In other words, most Internet users are looking at videos of various websites and videos like youtube & vimeo in Android phones, and easily play videos in iOS. Android and Windows Phone browsers with the various benefits of  Responsive youtube Playlist where wordpress Video Player Plugins have been created.

Some of the main features of this plugin are that the video player is fully responsive, automatically toggle on playlist’s side. You can use a variety of sources as Vimeo or YouTube.

You can use a custom YouTube playlist as the source, the latest upload of a YouTube channel that will automatically update the YouTube API.

The most interesting fact of the plugin you can customize any color from the admin panel based on branding color. Instead of YouTube’s default interface, the player has a custom designed interface that you can customize.

You can customize as many videos as you want on the same page and have easy access to mobile devices .also you can be used for desktop computer browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. There are native flash screen supports.


  • Write a YouTube playlist, channel playlist, or single video.
  • New YouTube API V3
  • Native full screen support for main browser
  • Completely responsive and intelligent size changes
  • Works great on mobile devices
  • Display the playlist on the right or bottom
  • Custom player control
  • automatically show / hide playlist
  • Continuous play and auto play


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05.Elite WordPress Video Player Plugin

Elite WordPress Video Player plugin

If you are looking for the most powerful modern video plugin with the latest technology for Word Press, then I would recommend you Elite wordpress video player plugin. This is a completely different plugins.

This plugin has so many new features that will surprise you. It supports popular video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Live Streaming HLS m3u8.

If I say about new technology, then it supports YouTube Live streaming and YouTube 360 ​​VR. Also Elite wordpress Video Player can play any video from Open load.

It’s become one of the Most popular where supports pre-roll (earlier), mid-roll (time), post-roll (later). Latest feature has been included where video ads and pop-up ads for each video.

Display your videos across all browsers and devices near with this unique and most powerful video player.

Currently Elite wordpress video player plugin is the most downloaded and more than 100,000 WordPress users are using this plugin.

Elite plugin will help play any YouTube video, YouTube playlist, even YouTube user channels. With custom controls you can also use the default YouTube player or YouTube player.

Also, the player custom-designed and unlimited colors interface can choose from the integrated admin panel. Creative Media called Company has created this plugin with having 23 different features.

There are several plugins in addition to the Elite Video Plugin, you check them out

  1. Stellar Video Player – Word press plugin
  2. Mega Pack 6 Video Players – Word press & HTML
  3. Ultra Video Gallery with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads
  4. Ultimate Player with YouTube, Vimeo, Ads WP Plugin


  •         most advanced new technology player plugin
  •         Lightbox, full screen, open load mode
  •         Pre-built 6 video player shadow effects
  •         Responsive design and easy to use
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06. Universal Video Player for WordPress

Universal WordPress Video Player Plugin

The Word Press Universal Video Player Plugin is a premium tool that is very interesting and useful for bloggers to present videos. This video player plugin is very compatible with mobile OS platforms like Android and iOS.

Those who mainly manage tutorials blog websites can be most useful for them. Like other plugins, this plugin is very popular and has modern features.

You can use the Video Player Plugin on your blog at the time; you share video YouTube, Vimo.

It is easy for Google Analytic to monitor visitor traffic to your videos and see how often each video has been played. This plugin will play a very important role in tagging Google AdSense media ads (IAMA) from Google AdSense.

This plugin supports pre- rolls, post-rolls, banners and texts, Facebook add-ons, including Facebook Resetuxing, Demer Lightbox effect, and video timer count.

The Word Press Universal Video Player plugin has many options for using playlists in an effective way. The Video Player plugin has two color skins that can display black and white and 3 alternative playlists.

The plugin is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices and is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. There are more than 80 parameters to customize the video presentation with loop, color, size, height, width, auto play.

You can easily add your brand video using this plugin. Fulfilling optimization will not affect your website loading speed. This plugin can be easy solution for you.



  • There are free updates available for all upcoming versions.
  • You can also set the logo or Watermark on your videos to make it exclusive.
  • It comes at a price of US $ 20 only.
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07. Easy Video Player Plugin for WordPress

Easy WordPress Video Player Plugin

If you are finding the most flexible and modern Word Press video plugin plugin, Easy Video Player can be the best plugin for your website visitors’ video presentation.

This video player lets you watch a HD video on desktop computer and small video on mobile devices.

Easy plugin supports 360 degree video and green screen for transparent background videos. The plugin provides a responsive way to manage your website’s videos.

Among the features, the plugin supports MP4 and other popular video formats and shortcuts can be added for easy use for any theme.

Like other Word Press video players, this plugin also allows auto play, various skins, player size and ratio, skins, loops, video player templates and much more can be controlled.

Simple Video Player Word Press Plugins Main Features:

  • Responsive layout.
  • Mobile and desktop optimized
  • supporting local video or audio, streaming video from YouTube videos is easy to do.
  • Click to play or pause, you can click on the video to play / pause the video.
  • Double click full screen / normal screen
  • Start volume value.
  • Auto play.
  • Possibility to start playing at a specific time.
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08. Sticky Ultimate Video Player Plugins

Ultimate-Audio-Video-Sticky-Grid wordpress video player plugin

This article discusses a premium plugin where the plugin supports video as well as audio formats. The plugin also supports YouTube video or Vimeo video, HLS, live streaming, 360 degree VR, called Sticky Ultimate Video Player Word press Plugin.

Sticky Ultimate Video Player is a powerful Sticky Video / Audio Player plugin for Word Press that will work in a premium and free theme.

Pluglies can be loaded from video folders, audio folders, YouTube playlists or Vimeo playlists through the plugin. Sticky Ultimate Video Player Unlimited Playlist Support and there can be infinite video in each playlist.

The responsive strong Sticky Video Audio Player is 100% responsive and supports any device. The plugin supports high-quality video high quality MP4 or high-speed video, and supports multiple languages.

The most striking feature of the plugin is in the category of combo box and drop-down option. You can select the video and play it Like this plugin, this plugin supports pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll video or image, image advertisement, personal password protected video, encrypted video source, HTTP live streaming, HLS, M3U8 video etc.

There are watermark options and 8 predefined skins to increase the brand value of your website.

Sticky Ultimate Video Player Word Press Plugins Main Features:

  • Optional encrypted video source
  • Shortcuts generator
  • Mobile and desktop optimize.
  • Speed ​​selector can be easily and modified at runtime
  • UVP supports multiple playback rates / speeds
  • Support for unlimited playlists and each playlist can have an infinite video.
  • three types of hover effect for playlist thumbnails in playlist window / section.
  • Customizable thumbnails
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09. Youtube Vimeo Video Player Plugin Slider Plugin


Each plugin has its own features; YouTube Vimeo Video Player is not outside of it. Like all other plugins, it can be done by removing all the tasks you need.

YouTube Vimeo Video Player is a unique solution for your website. This Word Press plugin can be used as YouTube and Vimeo video player and as a multimedia slider.

You can get video thumbnails, titles and details from the YouTube server automatically using your YouTube video ID. Set the parameters to use your own information can be able to cry.

The plugin has been built to accommodate playlists and 14 features with 3 versions. Vimeo YouTube makes it easy to add videos to specific playlists and include VoMo collections and albums.

Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. According to your layout design, the specific width or full you can set the plugin as a width.


  • YouTube and VoMo support
  • Customizable color scheme
  • automatically get video thumbnails, titles and details from the YouTube server
  • Responsive Design
  • Playlists with version 3
  • Multiple Parameters
  • Photo transition effect (for image only)
  • 16 photo transition effects fade life, block, slides, stripes and more
  •  Touch screen navigation (for images only)
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10. Progression wordpress Video Player Plugin

Progression WordPress video Player Plugin

Progression Player is 5 rich skins and responsive features rich video / audio player plugin for Word Press. This plugin can be a good solution for your website at a lower price.

By using this plug-in, your visitors can gain the audio player experience as well as the video player. The player is optimized for high resolution display such as Metaback Pro, Retina Display, iPhone and iPad etc.

If you need to combine many audio and video on one page, then with this plugin you can create a gallery with unlimited files and full screen video support.


Audio + Video Player Features:


  • Responsive player: Optimize mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Unlimited players on every page
  • playing off automatically when other players are active
  • Easy to customize
  • Full screen video button
  • Playlists can be open or closed by default
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11. JW Premium Video Player Plugins for wordpress

JW WordPress video Player Plugin

JW Player is a complete solution to use JW Player in Word Press. It works with the latest version of the video player and it gives you full control over all the options. Important player customization, related videos, social sharing and advertising are one of the features of this plugin.

You can use this plugin for free and you will have to choose the premium version if you want to have good access.

Premium Word Press JW Player Plugin is very easy to install and activate and is not unique from the Annual Premium Plugin.

Once installed, you will find 4 customization options like like setting, related videos, sharing and Ads. Your poster to present your video to your visitors Choose the type of video to show later on.

The video player has the ability to embed it. Using a link from YouTube, you can present the video on your website. You can add different images, titles, and descriptions for each video and add more than one video to each page.

Since the cloud-hosted video is presented in the jW player, your video viewer’s video will not be required to upload the video to your site.

Initial preview video ads have the ability to determine how long a user should wait before adding them to their add-ons. It can be said that the JW platform is an online-based video platform tool.

For any website owners, JW Player is a great solution for web developers and video producers to easily manage, customize, and publish online video content for this plugin.


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12. Ultimate Player With Youtube,Vimeo,Ads Plugin

Ultimate wordpress video Player plugin

Ultimate Player with YouTube, Vimeo, and Ads WP Plugin is the most powerful one of the most modern Word Press video plugins, combining various features with the current technology.

This is a different plugin like Elite Word Press Video Plugin. This plugin has the most advanced features that will fascinate you.

Popular video platforms like Elite support such as YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos, Google Drive, AmazonS3, Live Streaming HLS m3u8, or any mp4 or local video.

Ultimate Video Player supports pre-roll (earlier), mid-roll (time), post-roll (later), video ads and pop-up ads for each video in the playlist, and each video can have its own ad, each video ad can be enabled / disabled.

The player is a built-in advertising system such as a pre-roll advertisement player YouTube and vimeo API. Pony can play a video from YouTube and vimeo platform beside your MP4 web video.

Ultimate Video Player is a powerful responsive video player for Word Press on the right side or bottom of the two potential galleries. The player can display your videos across all browsers and devices.

It supports all popular video types; HTML5 Video, YouTube and even Vimeo, and there is an unlimited number of videos that you can add.

Apart from the admin panel, you can choose the player interface and unlimited colors. You can stretch the book to display the gallery with the playlist button in Plugin and with the different functionality you can see to have a better view of the video.


  • Google Drive Video Support
  • Amazon S3 support
  • Click Play / Break Advertising, Skip Advertising, Ads…
  • Gallery types (with infinite video): Right side gallery, gallery below
  • Customizable steam player (if you want to set any colors)
  • Skins include: Default skin, classic skin, minimized skin, transparent skin, silver skin.
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The useful features of each of the above mentioned Word Press video player plugins will give new experience to your website visitors.

All of the listed plugins will essentially address WordPress problems and solve all the problems of wordpress video playback.

Here I have made a list of the 12 best premium plugins and responsive, 360 degree VR, multi-option supported plugins, according to user ratings and feedback.

Currently the WordPress Video Player plugin has been actively developed under the category “YouTube for Word Press” and the popularity is increasing.

I strongly recommend selecting a plugin to determine what kind of content is needed for your website. And depending on the budget you choose the right plugin once you’ve set your requirements.

Go through the list and select a plugin by completing your criteria. I hope that this article will help you to find good quality plugins so that you have discussed the most appropriate Word Press video plugin for your website.

If you have any suggestions, please write it down in the comments sections below or discuss our support forum. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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