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Warm welcome to our write for us section of Themesence blog. We believe that, writing is not so easy job. A writer has to express his knowledge such a wonderful way that readers can easily attached by his writings. A writer is an artist and a creative person too. So, if you have the ability to write down your knowledge and experience in a creative way, you are in right place.

We have a vision. We have a goal. Our vision is to make a strong WordPress community. Our goal is to enrich the WordPress site. Here you can be a valuable contributor by joining with us. And together we can accomplish our dream easily.

Our Themesence blog wants to inspire and inform people of all over the world, especially who are working with WordPress site. We mainly focus on resourceful, useful, helpful and insightful article based on WorPress. If you think you can give our readers a powerful guideline, then you are the one we are looking for. We want to make our visitors as permanent readers. We want to give them latest news and information though our post.

We work here as a family and every contributor of our site is alike our family member. Join with us, write for us and be a member of our family.

Topics that you can write

Here are the categories that we love to accept. But before you start to write for us, just take a look on our blog post. And make sure that you are writing about an unpublished topics.

  • Detailed Theme Review
  • Popular Theme Collections
  • Plugins Collection
  • Plugins Review
  • WordPress Tutorials in Depth
  • Domain & Hosting site reviews
  • Any topic related to WordPress

Guidelines for Themesence blog

We try our best level to give appropriate information though our post in a simple and interesting way. What you love to read, please try to write on that way. And before you start to write, just ask yourself- is it necessary, accurate and nice?

When you will write for us we want that both of us should benefited by it. You will share your knowledge and can enrich your experience though our community. But you should not forget that our articles topics will be centralized and focused on WordPress.

You can follow these guidelines to write article for us. Wherein your article will be easily approve by us. Moreover we can take our decision spontaneously to publish your article.

  • Article Quality: Remember quality makes the difference. Try to write an insightful and informative article, so that readers will be benefited by reading your post and will be interested to read more from you.
  • Credit: Give reference will make your post more trust-able to your readers. So don’t be shy or hesitate to give credit from where you get the valuable information.
  • Content must be useful:  Your content must be researched well. So that it will able to add value to the reader’s knowledge.
  • Unique and original content: We all hate cheaters. So, do post original and unique article that is only written by you.
  • Article length: Your article lengths must be minimum 1500 words and above. So that you can specifically describe your ideas and it is good for SEO.
  • Add media: If you want to add infographics, images, videos, links, animations or any type of media just make sure they are 100% original.
  •  Copy-writing technique: We will highly recommended you that please follow the instructions of copy-writing techniques. It is essential for ranking your post to get more audiences. So, add proper heading, subheading and short paragraph in your post. Moreover write easy, comprehensive and short sentences.
  • Grammar-proof writing: Please don’t forget check you grammar properly of your post. Revise your post for several times to make it perfect. And you can use grammarly to make your job easy.
  • Screen-shot + Video: Images and video present any message more clearly. So if you want to add images in your post make sure they are original and high quality pictures. And if you want to submit your video, drop us an email & we will give you the guideline.
  • Self-promotion: If your article is approved by us, then we will give you a chance to promote yourself. We will add your bio with your published article. So please provide us your bio with professional picture. And you can add one social media account with it.
  • Copyright: We respect artists and their unique works. If we find any of your post is copy from somewhere else, we will ban you immediately. Hence all of your previous post will remove from this section as soon as possible.
  • Comment: Your comments should be the conversation between you and your readers about the article you published. So that readers will be more clear about your topics and it will get more views too.

Warnings and Disclaimer

Let us clear to you what type of article will we reject

  • Any duplicate article will be not accepted.
  • We will reject your article, if its quality will be low.
  • Once we publish your article, our site will be its legal owner, so you can’t republish it any other site.
  • Any referral links or affiliate codes will be not allowed.
  • The image you will use in your post shouldn’t be affect the design of our site.
  • We will allow maximum 2/3 sentence bio and you can add one link with it. More than of it will be not allowed.
  • Any article that is created for your marketing purpose or link building will be rejected immediately.

Content Review and Moderation

Please read our review and moderation system before submit your content. So that no confusion will be left.

  • We, the authority of this site have the full right to accept or reject your submission.
  • All your content will be moderated by the mentioned guidelines and warnings of above.
  • If the authority feel, some minor changes is essential, then a notice will be given to the author before publishing.

How to submit?

When you fulfill the all guidelines though your writings that we mentioned before then it’s time to submit your article.  And before you submit your post, if you follow these instruction it will be easier for you to submit.

  • Send us your previous 2/3 links of articles.
  • Tell us how readers will be benefited by your post.
  • Give us ideas with 2/3 topics that you think you could write well.
  • Give us a short pitch of your article that you want to submit.
  • Please include your name and a short information about yourself.

We will read carefully all the requirements are find that they are fulfilled, then we will confirm you by your email address. And after that you can submit your full post. It might take 1 week to publish your post. And please wait minimum 2 weeks before you resubmit your article.

Good News for guest post

If your post is approved by our authority, then definitely you will go one step ahead of your popularity. Because we will give credit for your writing skill only to you. We will add your personal writing portfolio with your post.  Henceforth readers will recognize you easily by your guest post and you will reach more new audiences.

Moreover when we will satisfied by your another 2/3 posts, we will published it as soon as possible. And then we will create for you a personal author area on our site. Wherein you can easily control that area and able to login and post your article by your own.

Get Started

Hope you are clear about the rules and regulations of our ‘write for us’ section. And when your post will fulfill our requirement, then you can submit your article without any hesitation. You have to submit your post as following Contact from.


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